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How to Start a Legal Firm


It’s a dream which every lawyer has, whether they have just passed the bar or they have been in the courtroom for what feels like their whole lives. And while many are able to make it on their own, the majority of lawyers who try to go it alone don’t work out. And it isn’t because they aren’t good lawyers, it’s simply that they focused entirely on the legal side of things and forgot to actually run a business.

To help you learn from past mistakes, below are some great tips to consider when thinking about starting your own legal practice.

Let Your Business Name Sell Your Services

If you were to read the name James & McKinnon Legal Services, would you have any idea what type of help they can provide?

However, what about if you were shown the name James & McKinnon Motor Vehicle Compensation Attorneys? Would you have a better understanding than?

When choosing a name for your legal practice, be sure to choose one which can help you to sell your services. While it is no doubt a lovely idea to have your name on your own legal firm, once you have established a quality firm then you can consider changing the name to something more personal.

Choose Your Location Wisely

Every lawyer dreams of working in a high rise building with high-profile clients. However, when you are just starting out this simply isn’t the case (pardon the pun).

For this reason, look for a modest location which is easy for your clients to get to and is also in a good position to be noticed by new clients. For example, if you will be providing 24-hour legal services then it could be a good idea to start a business close to a police station. Similarly, if you will be providing legal service to elderly people then look for areas with a large number of retirement homes where you can help.

Online Presence

There is a saying that if your business isn’t online then you aren’t in business. And in 2018 it is nothing short of true. Even if you just have a website with your contact information and a brief description of what type of services your fork provides, this is enough for search engines to index your business and make you are available on search results for potential new clients.

Don’t Overspend

The last time comes in the form of spending your money wisely. While it can seem like you are on the set of entourage each time that you go shopping for business items, remember that your startup capital is limited and should be spent prudently. For example, when publishing a website, utilize a ipage coupon from Groupon Coupons to keep your startup costs down.

Starting any business is no easy task, but it’s important, as a lawyer, to always remember that, at the core, that’s exactly what you are starting. A business. So be sure to treat it like one.

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